Applied attention to the monoparental family

Applied attention to the monoparental family

Mesquita, S.K.M1; Lima, N.A.S2; Sá, A.N.P3; Lima e Silva, T.C4

1Estudante do Curso de Medicina – F.C.M. /PB; 2 Estudante do Curso de Enfermagem – UFPE; 3 Mestre em Enfermagem pela UFPB/ Docente da F.C.M. /PB -Curso de Medicina;4Docente Adjunta/Pesquisador do Departamento de Enfermagem,- CAV/UFPE, Doutora em Patologia (FMB/UNESP)

American Journal of Law and Legal Studies

Introduction: The Family Health Strategy (ESF), is a model that promotes an organization of health actions with a high degree of decentralization and capillarity, at assigned territory with no intention to face and solve many problems identified. Objective: To carry out home visits with the aim of developing communication skills as well as interfacing theory and practice. Methodology: This is a descriptive study of the Experiment Report type carried out by the students of the second period of the Medical Graduation Course of the Medical School of Paraíba, during the Horizontal Module of Health Care II in September 2016 in a USF of the municipality of João Pessoa-PB. Results: This study indicated a similar level of happiness among the different urbanization areas of the city, with more people happier in the outlying districts of the city, rather than in the central neighborhoods. Conclusion: The home visit is a potential tool for the ESF teams, it can be used as a prevention or even generate hypotheses that explain possible problems and difficulties present in a given family group, considering that at any moment there may be maladjustments leading to family crises.

Keywords: Primary Health Care; Family Health Strategy; Home visit

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Mesquita, S.K.M, Lima, N.A.S; Sá, A.N.P; Lima e Silva, T.C.Applied attention to the monoparental family.American Journal of Law and Legal Studies, 2018, 1:2. DOI:10.28933/ajlls-2018-06-1802

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