Epidemiological Profile Of Patients With Rheumatic Mitral Valvopathy

Limacedo Firmino da Silva1 Isabel Cristina Pinheiro da Fonseca1 David Emanuel Vilar de Oliveira Gomes2 Bárbara Talita Tenório da Silva2 Ana Cecília Souza de Amorim3 Cristie Aline Santos de Araujo3


Background: Rheumatic fever (RF) is a systemic, autoimmune and inflammatory, non-suppurative disease in genetically predisposed individuals with cardiac repercussions between 25-45 years old. It is estimated that 500,000 cases are 21,000 cases diagnosed in Latin America, accounting for 70% of cases of valvular disease in Brazil, predominantly in the northeast and southeast regions of the country. Commonly associated with underdeveloped regions and urban agglomerations, the predominance of this condition will be due to sociodemographic conditions, due to this, variables such as: level of schooling, sanitary conditions, primary health care and nutritional status of the susceptible are relevant to justify the predominance in these areas.

Objectives: To outline the epidemiological profile of patients with mitral valvular disease with rheumatic etiology. Methodology: This is a descriptive-exploratory integrative review. The searches were carried out through electronic database PUBMED / MEDLINE and the Virtual Health Library (VHL) from August to September 2018. Of the 62 articles found, only 14 articles were selected because they were able to answer the guiding question: what sociodemographic characteristics are determinant for Streptococcus pyogenes infection?

Results: The prevalence of pyogenes streptococcal infection in underdeveloped countries is due to poor sanitary conditions and poor access to primary health care that poorer areas face in the face of social inequality, which is indicated by the level of illiteracy, unemployment and lack of which contribute to the susceptibility to group A streptococcal infection.

Conclusion: Social inequality is the determining factor for the prevalence of rheumatic fever in underdeveloped countries, further studies are required that encompass all the variables responsible in order to reduce infection with Streptococcus pyogens in childhood.

Keywords: Rheumatic fever; Valvopathy Cheers;

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