Climate change and recovery opportunities

Climate change and recovery opportunities

Oleg Halidullin

Academician of the Russian Federation LAN, Kazakh National University, Russia

American Journal of Marine Research and Reviews

Millions of years created water in symbiosis with the biota. For several hundred years a man has been trying to unravel her secrets. Can not. Uses it, just as a working body. It is a mobile very complex solvent and a supplier of substances to each object, living creatures and plants on Earth. The path of its transformation in the circuit: soil – flora and fauna – evaporation – the atmosphere is the soil. In each of these links it changes its properties, appearance, structure. Man for his development and comfort shortens this path. We deprive her of her main destiny in advancing through food and vegetable channels. We destroyed the biota with arable land, reservoirs, dumps, asphalt. This territory has become more than 60 percent of the land inhabited by the area and every day it grows.

Keywords: Climate change, recovery opportunities

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Oleg Halidullin. Climate change and recovery opportunities. American Journal of Marine Research and Reviews, 2018; 1:1. DOI: 10.28933/ajmrr-2018-02-2601


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