Effect of Induced Breeding of Clarias lazera using Hormones of HCG 

Effect of Induced Breeding of Clarias lazera using Hormones of HCG 

Ahmed Mohammed Musa Ahmed

Department of fish Sciences, Faculty of Agricultural Technology and Fish Sciences, Neelain University- Khartoum- Sudan

American Journal of Marine Research and Reviews

This study was conducted to determine the artificial breeding performance of optimum dosage of hormones HCG to induce spawning in Clarias gariepinus at a hatchery. Three doses were prepared first treatmentT1(3000IU),second treatmentT2(2000IU), and finally treatmentT3(1000IU). Fish Body weight before injection with no significant(p>0.05). after injection there was significant between treatment (p<0.05) .spawning hours happened after 6 hours in treatmentT1 , followed by T2 after 9 hours , finally T3 after 10 hours. Eggs weight g was best in T1(63g), followed by T2( 25.67g) and finally T3 (9.67g) .The result revealed that fish stimulated with HCG obtained better eggs quantity was in the first treatment T1 (22313) followed by T2 (16443), finally T3 (8410) there was no significant between treatments in The fertilization rate %., Hatchability% , hatchability rate and survival rate (p>0.05).

Keywords: induced , Breeding, Clarias gariepinus

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Ahmed Mohammed Musa Ahmed. Effect of Induced Breeding of Clarias lazera using Hormones of HCG . American Journal of Marine Research and Reviews, 2018; 1:2. DOI: 10.28933/ajmrr-2018-02-2801


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