Poultry Waste Recycling and Its Impact on Fish Production

Poultry Waste Recycling and Its Impact on Fish Production

Sandeep Kour, Asma Khan and Sahar Masud

Division of Livestock Production and Management, Sher e Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology, Jammu, 181102, India

American Journal of Marine Research and Reviews

Fish is a animal source protein. It is one of the neglected areas because of unawareness among farming community, unfavorable government policies and high inputs involved in fish farming. Fish being rich in nutrients can help to alleviate the malnutrition of the local population. Fish plays an important role in the diet of the people of developing nations. In India, fish and fishing contribute immensely to the national economy by providing high animal food protein and generating employment, which is a means of poverty alleviation. Most importantly, it is the source of livelihood for a large section of economically backward population of the country. Integrated livestock farming will be novel approach for profitable and rumerative fish production. Poultry droppings can be a good source of nutrients for enhancing the productivity of aquatic production systems.

Keywords: Fish, Poultry waste, Integrated farming

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Sandeep Kour , Asma Khan and Sahar Masud.POULTRY WASTE RECYCLING AND ITS IMPACT ON FISH PRODUCTION. American Journal of Marine Research and Reviews, 2018; 1:3. DOI: 10.28933/ajmrr-2018-03-0801


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