Giant Cell Tumor of Bone, current treatments, and potential therapeutic alternatives

Giant Cell Tumor of Bone, current treatments, and potential therapeutic alternatives

Estrada-Villaseñor E.,1 Meneses A.,2 Valdés-Flores M.,3 Coutiño-Alcaraz JM.,4 Linares-González LM.,5 Olivos Meza A.,6 Ostoa-Saloma P.,7 Delgado Cedillo EA.,8 Landa Solís C.9

1National Institute of Rehabilitation. Pathology Service. Mexico City, México. 2National Cancer Institute. Managing Director. Mexico City, Mexico. 3National Institute of Rehabilitation. Assistant Manager Clinical Research in genetic service. Mexico City, México. 4National Institute of Rehabilitation. Pathology Service. Mexico City, Mexico. 5National Institute of Rehabilitation. Bone Tumors Service. Mexico City, Mexico. 6National Institute of Rehabilitation. Arthroscopy Service. Mexico City, México. 7Postgraduate degree in Biological Sciences, National Autonomous University of Mexico, University City, Mexico, Mexico City. 8National Institute of Rehabilitation. Bone Tumors Service. Mexico City, Mexico. 9National Institute of Rehabilitation. Tissue Engineering and Cell Therapy Unit. Mexico City, Mexico.

Giant cell tumor of bone (GCTB) is a primary bone tumor, locally aggressive. For many, a GCTB is considered a tumor with an unpredictable behavior, particularly regarding recurrences, pulmonary implants, and the possibility of primary malignancy. In terms of risk of recurrence, it is known that it is associated with the type of treatment used initially for the GCTB. The greater the number or recurrences, the greater the risk of pulmonary implants, and the greater the risk of malignant degeneration. Therefore, much of the prognosis of this tumor could be related to the type of initial treatment. Hence the importance of the treatment theme. This review includes a comparison between the various modalities for treatment in GCTB, considering the advantages and disadvantages of each one. Existing GCTB treatments are not 100% safe and effective at the same time. and this is the reason why the search for other treatment modalities should continue to offer a better oncologic and functional outcome to patients. In the end of this review, based on research work, we also mention other possible therapeutic options that could be explored and used in the future for GCT treatment.

Keywords: Bone tumors, Giant cell tumor of bone, treatment, Denosumab, Bisphosphonates.

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Estrada-Villaseñor E.,Meneses A.,Valdés-Flores M.,Coutiño-Alcaraz JM.,Linares-González LM., Olivos Meza A.,Ostoa-Saloma P., Delgado Cedillo EA.,Landa Solís C. Giant Cell Tumor of Bone, current treatments, and potential therapeutic alternatives.American Journal of Cancer Research and Reviews, 2020,4:13. DOI:10.28933/ajocrr-2020-10-0205


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