Analysis of motor ground function in children with cerebral paralysis: a case study

Analysis of motor ground function in children with cerebral paralysis: a case study

Menezes L.S.D¹, Vasconcelos A.M², Silva A.M.R³, Melo G.A4, Martins M.L5, Aranha R.E.L.B6

1Estudante de Fisioterapia – UFPB; 2,3,4,5,6Mestranda em Neurociência Cognitiva e Comportamento – UFPB

American Journal of Dermatological Research and Reviews

Introduction: In cerebral palsy (CP) there are disorders in posture and movement, and there are innumerable interventions, including Restricted Movement Induction Therapy (TRIMm), associated to the “Pirate Group” protocol, which uses play context and Bimanual Training. Objective: To evaluate changes in gross motor function after modified application of Pirate Group Therapy in children with CP. Methodology: Descriptive, exploratory, quantitative, case report. Sociodemographic questionnaire was used, evaluation by the Gross Motor Function Classification System (GMFM); Classification System of Hand Skills; Pediatric Disability Assessment Inventory (PEDI); International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health, followed by the initiation of therapy. A total of 14 physiotherapeutic sessions of 60 minutes each were performed. Results and Discussion: In the GMFM, there was an improvement in the Gross Motor Function (82.99 to 86.52); in the field Walking, running and jumping (67 to 69). Already in the PEDI, obtained functional gain in the ten items of the Self-Care Domain. Discussion: Because the patient had unilateral spastic PC (better gross motor function), the results were discrete, corroborating with the literature. Conclusion: Due to the innovative character of the application of effective and playful protocol, it allowed to increase the functional ability of a child with unilateral right spastic CP.

Keywords:  Case study; Cerebral Palsy; Physical therapy modalities

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Menezes L.S.D, Vasconcelos A.M, Silva A.M.R, Melo G.A, Martins M.L, Aranha R.E.L.B. Analysis of motor ground function in children with cerebral paralysis: a case study.American Journal of Dermatological Research and Reviews, 2018, 1:5. DOI:10.28933/ajodrr-2018-06-1805

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