Analysis and Assessment of Agulu-Nnaka Erosion Impact on Human Lives and Infrastructure

Analysis and Assessment of Agulu-Nnaka Erosion Impact on Human Lives and Infrastructure


Civil Engineering Department,Nnamdi Azikiwe University,Awka

American Journal of Engineering Research and Reviews

The aim of this study was to rehabilitate the gully erosion site and reduce longer term erosion vulnerability in Agulu/Nanka Community. This activity was carried out through some civil works such as construction of concrete drainage system, culverts and silty basin, spikes, rock chutes and stabilization of gully. An engineering design was used for the erosion gully intervention which highlighted on the detailed civil works that were carried out. An environmental and social management plan study was implemented aimed at identifying potential and social impacts that were associated with the rehabilitation as proposed means of minimizing and mitigating them to acceptable level.

Keywords: Agulu-Nnaka Erosion Impact, Human Lives and Infrastructure

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OTTI, V. I and EKENTA, D. E. Analysis And Assessment Of Agulu-Nnaka Erosion Impact On Human Lives And Infrastructure. American Journal of Engineering Research and Reviews, 2018, 1:8


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