Leprosy in the Process of Development of Peripheral Neuropathy

Leprosy in the Process of Development of Peripheral Neuropathy

Araújo, S.K.B.S¹; Dias, W.L.R²; Cavalcanti, A.V.F.S³; Silva, G.K.L.F4; Torres, R.L.N5; Mendonça, E.F6.

1,2,3,4,5Acadêmicos do Curso de Bacharelado em Enfermagem–ASCES-UNITA.
6Docente do Curso de Bacharelado em Enfermagem–ASCES-UNITA

American Journal of Histology and Cytology

Introduction: Stigmatized since the biblical times, the leprosy is developed by Mycobacterium leprae, havinglike a of yours principal characteres the impairment of peripheral nerves that can to initiate in deficients and fisics deformities. Objectives: Analise the process of the peripheral neuropathy by leprosy. Methodology: It’s a revision of integrative role, whose reviewed articles were captured through database analysis: LILACS and SciELO. The descriptor sutilized were:Leprosy, Peripheral nerves, Quality of life and Treatment. The analysis were realized on october, 2017; the criterions of the included were published articles in portuguese and english, in 2012 to 2017, being excluded all that haven’t adequation at thematic of study. By means of the criterions defined were found 9 publisheds, but, only 2 articles met the criterions of the principal objective. Results and Discussions: The diagnostic of the patology is clinic starting by thermics stimuli, tactille and painful. In the start of the disease, the Scwann’s cells are the firsts commited, but, progressively the axonies also can to be affecteds. The neuropathy of the leprosy is of cronic course, presenting some acute phases. The principal nerves achieved are ulnar in the elbow, median in the handle and fingers, superficial radial in the handle, tibial in the tarsal tunnel, fibular, tunnel straight-fibular, beyond of the sensitives branches: saphenous, superficial peroni and sural. She cans to pass by evolutions and a present differentiated characteres, necessiting of accompaniment constant. The realization of neurologic exam like palpation of nerves and profund reflexions, sensitive mapping, motor voluntary test, dermatologic avaliations and anamnese, support in the early Discovery of the disease. Conclusion: The methods of the avaliation of neuropathies must be of knowledge and domain of the health team, because define the treatment of the disease inside of the yours particularities, preventing that sick hadirreversible losses that prejudice your quality of life.

Keywords: Leprosy; Peripheral nerves; Quality of life; Treatment.

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Araújo, S.K.B.S; Dias, W.L.R; Cavalcanti, A.V.F.S; Silva, G.K.L.F; Torres, R.L.N; Mendonça, E.F. Leprosy in the Process of Development of Peripheral Neuropathy. American Journal of Histology and Cytology, 2018, 1:4. DOI: 10.28933/ajohc-2018-05-1804

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