To calculate the BMI and measure the AC of a population of a university campus

Melo M.I.A1, Lapenda N.V.S2, Aguiar Y.A3, Acioli M.D4

1,2,3Estudantes do Curso de Medicina da Universidade Católica de Pernambuco.4Professor Adjunto do Curso de Medicina e do Programa de Pós-Graduação da Universidade Católica de Pernambuco e Preceptor da Residência Multiprofissional em Saúde Mental da Universidade de Pernambuco.

Introduction: Healthy Eating has been one of the guidelines of the Ministry of Health since 2014. Important indicators of the risks for chronic-degenerative diseases are Body Mass Index (BMI) and Abdominal Waist (CA) measurement. Objectives: To calculate the BMI and measure the AC of a population of a university campus. Methodology: Quantitative and descriptive research. Sample of convenience of 34 individuals in the campus of the Catholic University of Pernambuco in the activities of the Module Teaching, Service and Community II. Results and Discussion: 1st Social function and BMI: Students (Normal: 57%). Teacher (Normal: 50% and Overweight: 50%). Employees (Normal: 43% and Obesity: 43%). 2nd Social function and CA: Professor (Risk: 50%) Employees (Risk: 70%). Age and BMI: 31 to 40 years (Normal: 50% and Overweight: 50%). 41 to 50 years old (Overweight: 50%). 51 to 60 years old (Obesity: 52%) 4th Age and CA: 31 to 40 years old (Risk: 50%). 41 to 50 years (Risk: 75% and No Risk: 25%). 51 to 60 years (Risk: 60%). > 60 years (Risk: 67%). Increased risk between older ages and roles of teachers and staff. Conclusion: There is a need for Health Education orienting subjects in terms of changes in lifestyle habits.

Keywords: Healthy Eating; Chronic diseases; Health education

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Melo M.I.A, Lapenda N.V.S, Aguiar Y.A, Acioli M.D.To calculate the BMI and measure the AC of a population of a university campus. American Journal of Ophthalmic Research and Reviews, 2018, 1:5. DOI:10.28933/ajoorr-2018-06-1805

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