Foot and Ankle Characteristics in Gout: A Systematic Review

Kerry Bendell1 MSc, Brunilda Agalliu2 BSc(Hons), Simon Otter2,3* PhD

1Podiatry Department Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust, Durrington Health Center, BN13 2RX 2School of Sport & Health Science, University of Brighton, 49 Darley Rd, Eastbourne, BN20 7UR, UK 3Centre for Regenerative Medicine and Devices, University of Brighton, Lewes Rd, Brighton, BN2 4AT

Objectives: Gout has a predilection for the foot and ankle, but the impact of gout has limited presence in the literature. The aim of this systematic review was to synthesise existing literature which has investigated the characteristics of foot and ankle involvement in gout; identifying consensus and highlighting areas for further study.

Methods: Studies were included if they were published in English and involved participants over 18 years of age with gout, and presented original findings relating to outcome measures associated with the foot and ankle. Methodological quality was assessed using a modified version of the Quality Index Tool.

Results. Of 707 studies identified, 16 met the inclusion criteria and were included in this review. The mean (range) quality score was 68.1% (38.9%-88.9%). Compared to controls, participants with gout reported higher levels of activity limitation, foot-related pain and disability and walked more slowly. Plain radiography, dual-energy Computer Tomography and diagnostic ultrasound consistently demonstrated pathological features of gout in the first metatarsophalangeal joint and Achilles tendon. However, studies offered limited quality, particularly around recruitment strategies, validity and potential impact of confounding factors, making definitive statements difficult.

Conclusions: This systematic review highlights the negative impact of gout on the structure and function of the foot and ankle causing significant impairment and disability. To effectively guide management, improvements in methodological quality are recommended.

Keywords: Gout, Foot, Ankle

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Kerry Bendell, Brunilda Agalliu, Simon Otter. Foot and Ankle Characteristics in Gout: A Systematic Review. American Journal of Orthopedic Research and Reviews, 2021, 4:28. DOI: 10.28933/ajorr-2021-09-3005


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