Ingrid Isabelle Silva Lins¹*, Luana Alves de Freitas¹, João Lourenço dos Santos Neto¹, Martha Christina Ribeiro Santos¹, Angella Maria Oliveira Domingos¹, Tânia Maria Alves Bento¹.

¹Centro Universitário Tiradentes – UNIT

Global Journal of Urology and Nephrology

Introduction: According to the World Health Organization (WHO), in 2011, the prevalence of mental disorders in the world population is 10%, exceeding 25% to be considered during the course of life. Health information has important roles in health policies, enabling planning, prevention, promotion and recovery actions, as it forms a system for the acquisition, organization and analysis of data to define health problems and risks and to evaluate efficacy. , efficiency and influence that the services provided exert on the health of the population³.

Objective: To characterize the epidemiological profile of hospitalizations for mental and behavioral disorders in the city of Maceió from 2014 to 2018.

Methodology: This is a descriptive quantitative study based on data analysis of the Hospital Internment System (SIH). accessed by DATASUS, having the following variables: ICD 10 (Mental and Behavioral Disorders), ICD 10 List (Mental Disorders due to the use of alcohol and other psychoactive substances, year (2014-2018), age group (15 – 59 years ), gender (male and female) in the city of Maceió-Alagoas.

Results and discussion: From the data analyzed, Maceió totaled 4,778 thousand (47.87%) of the cases of hospitalizations for mental and behavioral disorders between the years 2013 to 2018, 2013 with 952 billion (9.52%), 2014 with 1.025 thousand cases (10.25%), 2015 with 635 thousand cases (6.35%), 2016 with 717 thousand cases (7.17%), 2017 with 679 thousand cases (6.79%) and 2018 with 765 thousand cases (7.65%) c the predominance of cases in 2014 with approximately 10% of cases. Age groups totaled 4,787 corresponding to 47.87% of the cases, being 15-19 years with 432 (4.32%), 20-29 years with 1.093 (10.93%), 30-39 years with 1.091 (10.91 %), 40-49 years with 1,111 (11.13%) and 50-59 years with 707 (7.07%), with predominance of cases between 40-49 years and about 11% of cases. The male gender totaled 4,111 (41.11%) in relation to the female gender with 676 (6.76%) hospitalization cases, being the male with more predominance of cases. Since hospitalizations have been the object of investigation in several studies, as it is an important source of data on hospitalized morbidities, in addition to the fact that they are used by most of the human resources, materials and technology in the health sector².

Conclusion: How hospitalizations for mental and behavioral disorders have a significant and relevant impact on public health, considering the increase in these disorders worldwide. Thus, public health policies have been strategies to reduce these data, enabling patients’ quality of life, as well as hospitalizations.

Keywords: Mental Disorders. Hospitalizations. Psychoactive Substances.

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Ingrid Isabelle Silva Lins, Luana Alves de Freitas, João Lourenço dos Santos Neto, Martha Christina Ribeiro Santos, Angella Maria Oliveira Domingos, Tânia Maria Alves Bento.HOSPITAL HOSPITALIZATIONS FOR MENTAL AND BEHAVIORAL DISORDERS IN MACEIÓ IN THE YEARS 2013 TO 2018.American Journal of Psychiatric Research and Reviews, 2020, 3:15. DOI: 10.28933/ajprr-2020-01-2005


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