Journal of Theoretical and Applied Economics

  • Assessing Knowledge of, and Predisposing Factors Towards Money Laundering in Nigeria: a Study of Bank Staff

    This study was meant to investigate knowledge of money laundering and predisposing factors towards money laundering among bank staff (i.e. bank executives and other bank staff). The study was a survey, which utilized structured questionnaire format for data collection. A total number of 1,032 bank staff were randomly selected for the study, in which 601(58.2%) were males while 431(41.8%) were females (Mean age=36.59yrs (SD=11.85). The study participants comprised 467 bank executives and other 565 category of bank staff. Data collected for the study were analyzed by both the Descriptive and Inferential statistics. The results revealed that more of the study participants were knowledgeable of the criminal characteristics of money laundering. Also, the results showed that more of the study participants were more knowledgeable of the contributory factors towards money laundering .The results revealed further that bank executives reported more of knowledge of drug trafficking as a predisposing factors towards money laundering than other bank staff (t (1032) =2.14, p