Bharat with its medicine

Bharat with its medicine


International Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine

*Kayachikitsa department at Dr.J.J.Magdum Ayurved Medical College,Jaysingpur_Kolhapur,Maharashtra.416510

Bharat ,now known as India, by the world, is full of knowledge with advances since thousands of years. The nation has its own culture and healthy socio-economic life style since ancient time..This review article is concerned with its medical facilities that were available since ancient time in this continent. Ayurved is special boon to all the world by Bharat.Ayurved is not only the system of medicine but is a science of life…a direction to live healthy and long life.

Keywords: Bharat,India,Ayurved,Hospitals,Tridosh.

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SHIVANI SANJEEV GAVANDE. Bharat with its medicine. International Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine 2016, 1:11. DOI:10.28933/gavande-ijtcm-2016

1. Charak samhita
2. Sushrut samhita
3. Bhavprakash
4. Poorv mimaansa
5. Uttar mimaansa
6. Athrav veda