To intervene directly in the construction of quality of life and progressive improvement of the disease

Main Differences Between Diabetes Mellitus Types 1 and 2 in Relation to Genetic Factors

Cavalcanti, H.G.O¹, Mendez, L.G.C², Campelo, P.B³

¹Acadêmica do Curso de Enfermagem–UPE;
²Acadêmica do Curso de Enfermagem–UPE; ³Docente da disciplina de Arteterapia – UPE

Introduction: Art therapy is a therapeutic modality based on the different psychological approaches that aims to treat human suffering using artistic activities, bringing with it the importance of therapeutic treatment that can be expressed in several ways such as: painting; drawing; collages; capoeira; body language; music; creation of characters without concern for aesthetics, among others. There is efficacy for complex social and health problems. Objectives: To intervene directly in the construction of quality of life and progressive improvement of the disease. Methodology: It is a descriptive study of the type of experience report, carried out a therapeutic intervention through a graphite and dramatization. The art was experienced in the art therapy discipline from August to November of 2016, with the theme on Stress and Depression, which reported through the hair of the doll Nega Maluca the reasons that cause during the day-to-day in the university. Being presented to the academics and professors of the health courses of the University of Pernambuco in the Campus Santo Amaro within the elective discipline. Results and Discussion: The presentation was made by a group, composed of nursing academics from the same faculty of different modules, using the scenic arts technique to approach the themes through an exhibition of the art model, an explanation of its meaning, a staging and, finally, graphing at the authorized location. Conclusion: Artistic activity as an instrument of mediation for the general public through graffiti and dramatization was of great importance, since it is an artistic expression with embellishment and reflective way. With the intention of emphasizing the dimension of the theme and dealing with future health professionals, since this modality acts in the evaluation, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation for health.

Keywords: Depression; Nursing; Psychological stress; Therapy for art

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Cavalcanti, H.G.O, Mendez, L.G.C, Campelo, P.B.To intervene directly in the construction of quality of life and progressive improvement of the disease.Global Journal of Arts and Humanities, 2018, 1:1

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