Evaluate the benefits of cinema in spaces of health

Evaluate the benefits of cinema in spaces of health

Monteiro, I.F1; Araújo, N.G2; Santos, R.P3; Santos, K.M.J.S4; Maia, L.C5.

1,2,3,4Estudante do Curso de Odontologia – UFPE;
5Professora do Departamento de Patologia na UFPE.

Introduction:The hospital cinema consists of bringing patients, caregivers and health professionals to a new environment bringing about a modification of the reality they are facing. Cine Clube +, linked to the MAIS Program (Manifestation of Integrated Art to Health), aims to promote humanization thus improving the quality of life of those who attend. Objectives: use of the cinema as a complementary form in the treatment of diseases, health promotion, humanization and sensitization of the community of the Hospital das Clínicas of UFPE and gather areas of knowledge by approaching centers, departments and disciplines to jointly evaluate the benefits of cinema in spaces of health. Methodology: Are displayed weekly short films by students of the courses in the areas of health, human and exact of UFPE, responsible for: selection, organization, transportation of the material and development of sessions. sessions have duration of about an hour being directed to the whole community hospital and taken to several wards of HC-UFPE. Apply questionnaires pre and post intervention, in order to quantify results about the project and well being of spectators. Results and discussion: With a presence of 5 to 10 people on average at each session it is observed that the patients leave a troubled emotional state to a state of relaxation, joy, tranquility. Idleness gives way to laughter and distraction facilitating the release of hormones that will aid in the healing process. This relationship has achieved positive results, since it allows the withdrawal of patients from their routines and integrates the varied possibilities offered by the cinema, making them see and participate in a universe beyond the corridors of the hospital. Conclusion: The use of cinema serves as a facilitator of the treatment process, besides generating aggrandizement for the academic area by encouraging students to participate in humanized professionals.

Keywords: Cinema; Hospital; Humanization; Cheers.

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Monteiro, I.F; Araújo, N.G; Santos, R.P; Santos, K.M.J.S; Maia, L.C.Evaluate the benefits of cinema in spaces of health.Global Journal of Arts and Humanities, 2018, 1:2

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