Realism in Trevor Rhone’s Smile Orange

Sarah Terwse Shittu

Department of English, Benue State University, Makurdi

The imaginative writer always aims at presenting a story to the audience (readers) that is not only interesting but appears to be true so as to keep them in love with his work. The literary creative writer skillfully mixes his imagination with the material obtained from the society to produce a piece that is a reflection of the realities of his environment. This pa-per therefore, examines Trevor Rhone’s Smile Orange from a realist perspective. The pa-per reveals that the themes and literary techniques the author has adopted deepen our knowledge of the Caribbean Islands, particularly Jamaica whose socio-economic realities are sampled by the author. Through realism, as a literary theory, racism and sexuality among other thematic preoccupations and literary techniques like satire and the use of a creolised English, this paper appreciates Smile Orange as a piece that brings us face to face with the real experiences of the Caribbean. The history of the Caribbean has been captured in the paper to give the reader an insight into what the literature of the people may contain if it is realistic. The author is able to give us another dimension of the eco-nomic and social problems of Jamaica using the tourist industry as an example.By present-ing those issues without making any revolutionary move makes the playwright a critical realist.

Keywords: Realism, Trevor Rhone’s Smile Orange

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Sarah Terwse Shittu. Realism in Trevor Rhone’s Smile Orange. Global Journal of Arts and Humanities, 2020, 3:14


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