The Desire Order of the Male Characters’ Oedipus Complex
-Take Wen Jiang’s Film as an Example

Guoguang Liu

Master of Fine Arts, School of Humanities, Tiangong University.

In the film and television texts, the spiritual growth and changes of male characters are always accompanied by pains, that is, the Oedipus-style of killing the father and marrying the mother, which has also become a way for male characters to grow up. When the male characters cannot correctly deal with the order of these two desires in the process of self-construction, it will bring a devastating hit to the male characters. The male characters in Wen Jiang’s films often have a strong Oedipus complex, and this complex will ultimately affect the growth of the characters.

Keywords: Oedipus complex; Male characters; Growth

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Guoguang Liu. The Desire Order of the Male Characters’ Oedipus Complex–Take Wen Jiang’s Film as an Example. Global Journal of Arts and Humanities, 2020; 6:1. DOI: 10.28933/gjah-2020-08-1805


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