Is there a causal relationship between knowledge capital and industrial enterprises added?

Is there a causal relationship between knowledge capital and industrial enterprises added?

JIANG Wenlei1 , LI Hui2*
1.Master, School of Economics, Qingdao University (Qingdao, shandong 266061).
2.School of Economics, Qingdao University (Qingdao, shandong, 266061), Postgraduate tutor, Doctor.


This paper explores the impact effects of different knowledge capital investment on the industrial enterprises added in China. Using 2007-2016 China’s industrial enterprises panel data of 31 provinces, we analyze the space spilt effect of knowledge capital in different regions and explores the causal relationship between knowledge capital and industrial enterprises added by using the dynamic space Dubin model. The results show that: the knowledge capital investment of industrial enterprises has obvious spatial agglomeration ef-fect, and the agglomeration effect increases gradually with time. The results also show that: the estimated results under three kinds of spatial weight matrices show that the positive spillover effect of knowledge cap-ital on enterprise income is significant.

Keywords: Industrial enterprises; Intellectual capital; Space overflow; Dynamic spatial durbin model

Fund project: social science planning project of shandong province (16DJJJ16), post-doctoral applied research project of Qingdao (2016038), humanities and social science research project of colleges and universities of shandong province (j15wg10).

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JIANG Wenlei and Li Hui. Is there a causal relationship between knowledge capital and industrial enterprises added? .Global journal of Economics and Business Administration, 2019, 4: 18. DOI:10.28933/gjeba-2019-01-2206


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