Economics and Business Administration

  • Trade Friction and Chinese Innovation: A Case Study of the Semiconductor Industry

    Major Chinese innovative technologies still depend on imported foreign core technologies. This dependence could affect sustaining growth in technological innovation for the Chinese Hi-Tech industry, which is one of the areas that has been most affected by the recent US-China trade conflict. The research explores if there is an impact of tension in trade scene on innovation in core technologies from the perspective of Hi-Tech industry experts in China. The method used a combination of semi-structured interviews and questionnaires addressed to experts and managers in the Chinese Hi-Tech industry. The statistical analysis used regression analysis of the experts’ answers where the findings propose a possible positive impact on endogenous innovation in the long term if it is combined with government policies that enhance innovation and increase R&D expenditures. The paper also highlighted the challenges that affect innovation in this industry and stresses the importance of the role of the entrepreneurial state that helped China to achieve breakthroughs in other domains. A case study of the semiconductor industry was analysed as a far-reaching endeavor, taking into account the scale of the challenges and the way forward for this significant core technology on which all of China’s Hi-Tech industries and exports depend.

  • Research on the Current Situation of Industrial Structure and Upgrading Path in Hubei Province under the Background of Central Rise

    The development of the industrial structure affects the development of the regional economy. From the implementation of the rise of central China to the present, while the industrial structure of Hubei Province is developing, there are also unreasonable phenomena. This article analyzes the industrial structure of Hubei Province from 2004 to 2018.It first analyzes the current situation of the industrial structure of Hubei Province, the current situation of the industrial structure, the existing problems and reasons, and finally proposes the path of industrial structure optimization in Hubei Province based on the analysis results.

  • Efficacy Evaluation of Staff Training Course: A case study in Islamic Banking

    There are many kinds of training in institutions. But one of them the latest and most eminent train pattern intended to appraise efficacy operating workforce teaching be Kirkpatrick model. , the efficacy of the worker’s teaching path investigated Islamic banking. The feedback form composed of five constituents that take in: acquisition, the reaction of attitude, consequences moreover the novelty within the position of confounding factors are dispensed. It is showed in an investigation that some elements are such as (reaction, actions as well as creations) are having momentous end products going on the tradition efficiency on the way to Kirkpatrick model. As well as two factors (education as well as product for path) are no more a trivial consequence.

  • Causality of Unemployment and Macroeconomics

    In order to test the wellbeing and development of a given nation economy, unemployment level is a primary macroeconomic pointer. It is considered as forgone output which denies the fundamental assets of government that required creating the economy. Thus, the objective of the study was to investigate the long-run and short-run causality between unemployment and macroeconomic variables. Resulting to utilizing the Augmented Dickey-Fuller to test for unit root this investigation utilized Auto Regressive Distributed Lag limits testing approach and Vector Error Correction Model granger causality test to inspect the time arrangement information over the time of 1984/85-2018/19. Relapse result recommends that since quite a while ago run causation running from joblessness to the recorded macroeconomic factors. In the short run there is significant granger causality from foreign direct investment and inflation rate to unemployment rate. Moreover, from unemployment to real gross domestic product and external debt in the short run. Finally, the study suggests the government should increase the level of aggregate supply, create conducive environment that entice more foreign direct investment and borrow only for productive purpose to form more business and assimilate an expensive pool of unemployment populace.


    The study investigated the impact of federal government expenditure on the Nigerian economic development. The main objective of the study was to ascertain whether there is a relationship between federal government expenditure and economic development in Nigeria. The study adopted Least Square estimation technique to evaluate the model specified using time series from 2010-2018. Real Gross Domestic Product was used as the dependent variable while federal government capital and recurrent expenditures were used as the independent variables. The result from the regression analysis shows that federal government capital and recurrent expenditures have a positive effect on real GDP. The data used in the analysis were gotten from Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) statistical bulletin. The study recommended that federal government should direct more of its recurrent expenditure towards economic and community services as they accelerate economic development. The study also recommended proper management of public funds allocated to the agricultural sector and manufacturing industries as they have the potential of raising the nation’s production capacity and providing employment for citizens in the country.

  • PEST Analysis of Development Trend in China’s Online Drug Retail Market under the “Internet Plus” Strategy

    Objective: to probe the current situation of the online drug retail market in China, so as to provide reference for the future development direction of the market. Method: through big data, to establish PEST model and analysis the current situation of the online drug retail market in China from the four dimensions of politics, economic, society and technology. Results and Conclusion: at present, the policy environment of China’s online drug retail market is good, the number of pharmaceutical e-commerce enterprises will continue to increase and the scale of market size will grow. Although there are still problems such as insufficient purchasing power of consumers, uneven regional development, imperfect payment method and distribution system and so on, with the continuous promotion of “Internet Plus” strategy and benign competition in the market, China’s online drug retail market will develop rapidly. With the promotion of “Internet Plus” strategy in China, relying on network technology, drug market is closely liked to e-commerce activities, and the online drug retail market has become an important form of drug sales. By collecting and analyzing big data, establishing PEST model and probing the current situation of China’s online drug retail market from four dimensions, this paper provide the direction for the future of the online drug retail market in China.

  • Dependence Structure between BRICS Countries and Developed Stock Markets: Evidence Using Wavelet and VMD Copula Approaches

    This paper investigates the comovement in stock prices between the three developed countries (the USA, UK and Japan) and BRICS countries. (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) using Wavelet Coherence and Variational Mode Decomposition(VMD) based copula approach for the period 2002-2018. We find that not all BRICS states co-move with developed countries. Brazil moves with the USA, both in long-run and short-run, while China has least interdependence with either of the developed countries, both in long-run and short-run. It is also found that Global Financial Crisis increased the interdependencies between developed and BRICS countries. The results of both the approaches validated each other. These findings are essential for investors to make the optimal portfolios or policymakers to make macroeconomic policies.

  • Econometric Analysis of Macro Influencing Factors of Housing Prices in China – Comparison of two period data based on EVIEWS

    As one of the pillar industries of the country, the real estate industry has developed rapidly under the influence of the market economy and people’s needs.The rising housing prices have brought a serious burden to the residents. The introduction of relevant regulatory policies has not significantly inhibited the high housing prices.Therefore, this paper takes the two periods of 1992-2001 and 2006-2015 as the two stages of real estate development and rapid development. The real estate price is the research object, and the relevant economic influence factors are selected from the macroscopic point of view.This paper analyzes and tests through Eviews software and establishes appropriate regression models to determine the main macro factors that affect housing prices.According to the comprehensive analysis of the results of the two-stage model, it is found that the money supply is always one of the factors of housing prices, and the influence is increasing. At the same time, the consumer price index has a great influence on the housing prices in 1992-2001. However, in 2006-2015 this factor was relatively reduced or even not.Finally, this paper proposes relevant policy recommendations for housing prices regulation through analysis results.


    The development of information and communication technologies has reached a level where their use in government is becoming not only expedient but also inevitable. The Internet and ICT have created the technical and technological foundation that can significantly improve the efficiency of public administration, provide businesses and citizens with access to necessary information, simplify bureaucratic procedures and reduce the time for decision making. This article describes the new conditions in which the business is developing. The article presents the features of the interaction of e-government and business, the impact of e-government on the development of the economy as a whole. The authors analyzed the process of development of technologies for e-government. They reformulate the term “e-government” based on the definitions presented in the literature. The authors identified the tasks that are solved by means of e-government. Also, the authors set up indicators for evaluating the effectiveness of the e-government. Finally, the structure of the quality standard for e-government services was suggested. The implementation of the e-government demonstrates advantages for the further development of the economic sector and whole state in general.

  • Analysis on the Growth Path of Silk Road Story and Creative Industry

    Exploring the growth path of Silk Road story and creative industry focuses on three dimensions: industrial thought, business model and product modality. The ideological construction path of Silk Road story and creative industry includes interpreting the culture of creative industry, positioning the goals of creative industry and reflecting the values of creative industry. The business model innovation path of Silk Road story and creative indu0stry focuses on the business model innovation the value appreciation of the whole industrial chain. The growth path of Silk Road story creative products should first focus on the classification and creation of creative products, then determine the development and design path of products.