Econometric Analysis of Macro Influencing Factors of Housing Prices in China – Comparison of two period data based on EVIEWS

Econometric Analysis of Macro Influencing Factors of Housing Prices in China – Comparison of two period data based on EVIEWS

Mengmeng Su1, Zhifei Li 1,2

1School of Business, Hubei University, Wuhan 430062, China.
2Tourism Development Institute, Hubei University, Wuhan 430062, China.


As one of the pillar industries of the country, the real estate industry has developed rapidly under the influence of the market economy and people’s needs.The rising housing prices have brought a serious burden to the residents. The introduction of relevant regulatory policies has not significantly inhibited the high housing prices.Therefore, this paper takes the two periods of 1992-2001 and 2006-2015 as the two stages of real estate development and rapid development. The real estate price is the research object, and the relevant economic influence factors are selected from the macroscopic point of view.This paper analyzes and tests through Eviews software and establishes appropriate regression models to determine the main macro factors that affect housing prices.According to the comprehensive analysis of the results of the two-stage model, it is found that the money supply is always one of the factors of housing prices, and the influence is increasing. At the same time, the consumer price index has a great influence on the housing prices in 1992-2001. However, in 2006-2015 this factor was relatively reduced or even not.Finally, this paper proposes relevant policy recommendations for housing prices regulation through analysis results.

Keywords: Housing Prices; Macro Influencing Factors; Meteorological Analysis

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Mengmeng Su, Zhifei Li. Econometric Analysis of Macro Influencing Factors of Housing Prices in China-Comparison of two period data based on EVIEWS. Global journal of Economics and Business Administration, 2019, 3:21. DOI: 10.28933/gjeba-2019-10-1506


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