Assessment heavy metal ions and toxic metal ions in ground water

Assessment heavy metal ions and toxic metal ions in ground water

Baby AbrarUnnisa Begum*, Dr. N. Devanna N**, Dr. P. Ramesh Chandra***

1*Associate Professor, Chemistry Department, SWCET, Hyderabad, Telangana, India
2Professor & Head, Chemistry Department, JNTUA, Anantapuram, A.P., India

Global Journal of Energy and Environment

The present study was carried out to determine various physico-chemical parameters and water quality index of the Patancheru in Medak District of Telangana state to examine the quality of water for public consumption, recreation and other purposes. This study deals with the influence of environmental factors as well as domestic activities in the water quality in the related area.

Keywords: heavy metal ions, toxic metal ions, ground water

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Baby AbrarUnnisa Begum, Dr. N. Devanna N, Dr. P. Ramesh Chandra. Assessment heavy metal ions and toxic metal ions in ground water. Global Journal of Energy and Environment, 2019,1:5.


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