Environmental Pollution- An Introduction

Environmental Pollution- An Introduction

1Dr. Akshey Bhargava, 2Prablin Kaur, 3Sabina Aysha, 4Preeti Pandey, 5Prachi Golhar, 6Palavi M Vishwanath

1 Ex. Professor, CEPT University, 2Assistant Professor, P. P. Savani University, Surat , 3 Senior Environmental chemist at Qatar Geotechnical and Environment Company(QGEC) in Doha , Qatar, 4 Msc/M.E Environmental engineering,5 MS Environmental sciences, Brunel University, U.K,  6Assistant Professor at Sir M V School of Architecture, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Global Journal of Energy and Environment

Pollution is defined as introduction of harmful components into the environment and those harmful components are called pollutants. They can be natural, for example, volcanic ash, decomposition of organisms etc. or can also be created by human activity, such as dumping of waste, effluent produced by factories or emissions generated from factories, vehicles etc. They can damage the quality of air, water, and land.Many things that are useful to people produce pollution like burning coal to production of electricity pollutes the air. Industries and homes generate garbage and sewage that can pollute the land and water. Pesticides—chemical poisons used to kill weeds and insects—seep into waterways and harm wildlife.Reducing pollution requires environmental, political, and economic leadership. Developed nations must work to reduce and recycle their materials, while developing nations must work to strengthen their economies without destroying the environment. Developed and developing countries must work together toward the common goal of protecting the environment for future use. An effort has been made by the authors of the present paper to briefly highlight environmental pollution and its emergence.

Keywords: Environmental pollution, history, global emergence, climate change

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Akshey Bhargava, Prablin Kaur, Sabina Aysha, Preeti Pandey, Prachi Golhar, Palavi M Vishwanath. Environmental Pollution- An Introduction. Global Journal of Energy and Environment, 2020,2:12.


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