Student’s Expectations regarding Library Services of National Library of Engineering Sciences (NLES); A Case Study

Student’s Expectations regarding Library Services of National Library of Engineering Sciences (NLES); A Case Study

Syed Zia Hussain Shah

University of Engineering & Technology

Global Journal of Library and Information Science

The study focused on Student’s Expectations regarding Library Services of National Library of Engineering Sciences (NLES); University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore. The function was to find out student’s expectations regarding library resources and services, accessibilities, library environment, information sources and facilitate library staff. Using the descriptive assessment design the population for the study consisted of all registered library users in the National Library of Engineering Sciences (NLES); University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore main campus. The study employed the probability simple method and stratified random sampling technique in selecting the sample size 10% for the study, and with a questionnaire data were collected. The level of students expectation was assessed through 5 point Lickert Scale and in the analysis SPSS v.22.0, these scores were measured and tabulated as mean score and total score.

Keywords: User’s expectation, User’s satisfaction, Library service quality, Library user’s satisfaction, Expectation resource

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