Nursing Role in Promoting and Prevention to Prostate Cancer

Nursing Role in Promoting and Prevention to Prostate Cancer

PedrosaTorres, R.L.N 1; Silva, M.H2; Melo, T.R.C3; Santos, O.C4; Mendonça, E.F5; Mota, S.M.A6

1,2,3,4Academic Baccalaureate in Nursing – ASCES-Unita;
5,6Lecturer of the Bachelor in Nursing – ASCES-Unita

Global Journal of Nursing

Introduction: The National Integral Attention to Men Health Policy (PNAISH) has as a main objective analyze the needs of the individual in their socio-cultural issues, political and economic, along with epidemiological factors that put the health and well-being of the same in risk, with an aim to reduce the morbidity and mortality, which will bring an expansion of human longevity. However, aspects related to male contributes to low search service primary care contributing to worsen your health. Objective: evaluate the role of the nursing team, encouraging the promotion and health prevention. Methodology: The study it is a literary review of integrative character, whose articles were analyzed by analysis of captured data bases: BDENF LILACS and SciELO. Use descriptors: Primary health care; Health promotion; Health education; Nursing; Prostate cancer. The analysis was conducted using the following inclusion criteria: articles published from 2010 to 2017, full text and written in Portuguese and Spanish, and deleted items that had no relevance to the theme. Results and Discussion: selected 24 publications, of these only four met the inclusion criteria. Analyze the risk factors is important as men over 40 years with pregress family history, race and other factors that increase the chances of developing the condition. Early detection of this pathology is linked to tracking done by quality professionals of the Family Health Strategy (FHS). Conclusion: These underscore the importance of a specific look at the target audience, and seeking changes in the current scenario, in order to decrease the mortality rate. This nurse in the ESF, can work educational activities, discussion groups, and through home visits, conduct a follow-up with the men who submit above risk factors.

Keywords: Primary health care; Prostate cancer; Health education; Nursing; Health promotion

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Torres, R.L.N; Silva, M.H; Melo, T.R.C; Santos, O.C; Mendonça, E.F; Mota, S.M.A. Nursing Role in Promoting and Prevention to Prostate Cancer. Global Journal of Nursing , 2018, 1:2

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