Nursing Care for Individuals With HIV AIDS Under the Heideggerian Theory

Nursing Care for Individuals With HIV/AIDS Under the Heideggerian Theory

Silva, J.A1, Amorim, C.T2, Pestana, L.C3, Silva, L.F.L4, Queiroz, W.Q5, Costa, A.M6

1,2,3Acadêmicos de Enfermagem da Universidade de Pernambuco.
4,5Mestranda do Programa Associado de Pós-Graduação em Enfermagem UPE/UEPB,
6 Docente do Programa Associado de Pós-Graduação em Enfermagem da UPE/UEPB

Global Journal of Nursing

Introduction: AIDS is a chronic communicable disease marked by strong impacts on the social, psychic and biological aspects related to the individual. In this scenario Heidegger approaches reflections on human care, which involve profound reforms in the magnitude of this action. It uses the phenomenological method to develop concepts about human existence and their relationships. On care we can highlight the relevance of the understanding of concepts addressed as dasein, Being-in-the-world, Inauthenticity, and healing promoting a humanized nursing care to the individual with AIDS. Objective: To characterize nursing care for individuals with HIV / AIDS in the light of Heideggerian theory. Method: integrative literarure review. We include studies with integral text in Portuguese, English and Spanish published in the period of 10 years, indexed in the databases: Lilacs, Medline, BDENF related to the thematic axis according to the optics of the authors. It carried out the research in the bases through the VHL using the intersection of the Descriptors in Health Sciences (DECS) adapted the URSI form in the construction of the results. The articles were organized by year of publication and classified by levels of evidence between I and VI, analyzed by 2 different evaluators, achieving agreement in the classification. Results and discussion: After the analysis and synthesis of the data, the selected articles were separated into thematic categories, arranged in tables of presentation, and graphic resources. One can observe the nursing care coupled with the perception of Heideggerian formulators of the exercises of humanized actions that seek to understand the human feelings and perceptions opening possibility of expression and adequacy of single and holistic care modifying the perspectives on the actions of caring.Conclusion: reflections on nursing care for individuals in chronic conditions in phenomenology, addressed changes capable of understanding their needs and promoting humanized care.

Keywords: Nursing care, Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome, Health Integrality

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Silva, J.A, Amorim, C.T, Pestana, L.C, Silva, L.F.L, Queiroz, W.Q, Costa, A.M. Nursing Care for Individuals With HIV/AIDS Under the Heideggerian Theory. Global Journal of Nursing , 2018, 1:3

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