Health Education on Hepatites HIV AIDS for Sex Workers

Health Education on Hepatites/HIV/AIDS for Sex Workers

Silva, J.C.P1; Santos, A.M2; Santos, P.S.3; Silva, V.L.M4; Tavares, C.M5; Nascimento, K.C6

1,2,3,4Estudante do Curso de Enfermagem – UNINASSAU;
5Enfermeira, Prof. Drª Docente do Curso de Enfermagem ESENFAR/ UFAL;
6Docente do Curso de Enfermagem – UNINASSAU

Global Journal of Nursing

Introduction:The epidemic among young people, according to UNAIDS, the risks of HIV among adolescents and young people are greater when the age transition occurs in challenging environments, with insufficient access to food, education and housing and with high rates of violence. Perceptions of low infection risk, poor condom use and low rates of HIV testing persist among young people. UNAIDS epidemiological data from 25 countries shows that the total number of people aged 15-19 years living with HIV in these countries increased from approximately 800,000 in 2005 to 940,000 in 2015.1 Objectives: To promote health education on breast cancer, its manifestations, prevention and treatment for sex workers. Methodology: This is a participatory research, carried out by academics and professors of the Nursing undergraduate course of Uninassau and UFAL, in March 2017, at Quilombo Muquem in Joaquim Gomes, Alagoas, Nursing course, with the presence of 19 adolescents being 12 male and 7 female, between the ages of 12 and 17. Conclusion: After correlating each principle of the mandala to HEPATITES, HIV / AIDS, and showing the forms of transmission through the mandala of knowledge, there was a restlessness present in each adolescent, each wanted to expose some situation in relation to something similar to the ones hepatitis, HIV / AIDS, all knew, had a friend, relative who has or had some pathology cited. It was verified, in this experiment, the knowledge deficit of the group of quilombolas adolescents in relation to HIV AIDS Hepatitis. Many of them expressed concern about a quilombola teenager presenting some symptoms, according to them, spoke of the importance of how to correctly use the condom, wash hands and food well. We ended our health education by distributing condoms, explanatory leaflets on hepatitis, HIV AIDS.

Keywords: HIV/AIDS; Prevention; Prevention; Nursing Students

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Silva, J.C.P; Santos, A.M; Santos, P.S.; Silva, V.L.M4; Tavares, C.M; Nascimento, K.C.Health Education on Hepatites/HIV/AIDS for Sex Workers. Global Journal of Nursing , 2018, 1:4

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