Health Education on Breast Cancer, Its Manifestations, Prevention and Treatment for Sex Workers

Health Education on Breast Cancer, Its Manifestations, Prevention and Treatment for Sex Workers

Silva, J.C.P1; Santos, A.M2; Santos, P.S3; Silva, V.L.M4; Nascimento, K.C5

1,2,3,4Estudante do curso de enfermagem – UNINASSAU;
5Docente do Curso de Enfermagem – UNINASSAU

Global Journal of Nursing

Introduction: Breast cancer is a malignant neoplasm due to the disordered proliferation of abnormal cells caused by environmental, physiological or exposure factors; this pathology is more frequent in women and, according to the National Cancer Institute, in 2013, 14,206 women were death due to this neoplasm. It is revealed before this index the importance of the dissemination about the preventive methods related to this disease. Objectives: To promote health education on breast cancer, its manifestations, prevention and treatment for sex workers. Methodology: Experience report on the experience lived as a student of the nursing course in a health education project in the prevention of breast cancer. A conversation wheel with illustrative poster and tactile activity of identification of breast alterations with balloons simulating the breasts was performed in a cabaret located in the city of Maceió – Alagoas on October 18, 2017, from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., for an audience of 15 women. Results and Discussion: At the outset there was a perceived fear on the part of sex workers to participate in the conversation for fear of being judged or even exposed. In the course of the action they were approaching, sharing their experiences on the subject exposed, participating in the activities carried out. The topic of prevention, treatment and risk factors for the development of breast cancer was addressed. Conclusion: Breast cancer is a pathology that has led many women to death due to lack of knowledge and practice of prevention methods. The few women who knew about self-examination did not practice it because they did not know how serious breast cancer can be for their lives and the work they do. The only one that had previously aroused interest in preventive care was sensitized from a surgical procedure performed.

Keywords:  Breast cancer; Sex Professionals; Prevention; Nursing Students

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Silva, J.C.P; Santos, A.M; Santos, P.S; Silva, V.L.M; Nascimento, K.C. Health Education on Breast Cancer, Its Manifestations, Prevention and Treatment for Sex Workers.Global Journal of Nursing , 2018, 1:5

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