Self-care of the Patient With Diabetes Mellitus: Strategy to Prevent Complications of the Disease

Self-care of the Patient With Diabetes Mellitus: Strategy to Prevent Complications of the Disease

Santos, G.M1, Silva, J.F.S1, Bernardino, L.C.O¹, Silva, V.M1, Godone, R.L.N2; Wanderley, M.C.A2

¹Student of the Biomedicine Course, UNINASSAU Faculty – Caruaru; ²Teacher of the Biomedicine Course, Faculty UNINASSAU – Caruaru

Global Journal of Urology and Nephrology

Introduction: Diabetes Mellitus (DM) is considered one of the most frequent diseases. Diabetic patients are very concerned about general health changes and early or late complications that this chronic disease can bring. Health education, associated with health promotion strategies, contribute to social development and promote quality of life, an important tool to reduce the complications and mortality of diabetics. The active participation of the patient in the management of changes in habits and behaviors will lead to progress in reducing the risks related to the disease. Objective: Describe health education and self-care strategies for patients with primary care Diabetes and early detection for penile cancer. Methodology: Narrative bibliographic review using electronic database Science Direct, with the keywords: self-care + “diabetes mellitus” + “healtheducation”. The original articles published in the last five years were evaluated. Results and Discussion: DM is an asymptomatic disease, which mainly affects people older than 40 years, systemic, and can damage several organs, causing complications including: kidney failure, blindness, stroke, amputation of limbs, among others. Lack of information promotes neglect of health education, in accordance with the self-control of blood glucose levels, physical activity and diet, contributes to the improvement of the quality of life. Acceptance of the situation, understanding of the disease and discipline to follow the multidisciplinary treatment are fundamental for the early diagnosis and control of DM. Conclusion: It is important to make routine medical appointments for the early diagnosis and control of DM, coupled with a healthy lifestyle and issues related to self-care so that the complications associated with this disease develop.

Keywords: Diabetes Mellitus; Care; Health education

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Santos, G.M, Silva, J.F.S, Bernardino, L.C.O, Silva, V.M, Godone, R.L.N; Wanderley, M.C.A. Self-care of the Patient With Diabetes Mellitus: Strategy to Prevent Complications of the Disease. Global Journal of Urology and Nephrology, 2018, 1:5

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