Hepatitis C positive donor kidney transplants to decrease wait time for kidney recipients: Review of data and recent trials

Hepatitis C positive donor kidney transplants to decrease wait time for kidney recipients: Review of data and recent trials

Amarpreet S Sandhu, DO, MBA, FASN.

Department of Kidney Transplant, California Pacific, Medical Center, San Francisco, CA.

Global Journal of Urology and Nephrology

A kidney transplant is superior to dialysis for patients with end-stage renal disease. The increasing number of end-stage renal disease patients and limited number of available donor kidneys have led to long waiting times to receive a life-saving kidney transplant. Approximately, 14% of the patients wait for more than five years to receive a kidney transplant. The risk of death and becoming too sick to receive a transplant while on the waitlist poses another healthcare challenge. About 21% of the patients are removed from the waitlist every year without receiving a kidney transplant. Over time many strategies are being proposed and used to eliminate the shortage of kidney organs. The advent of the novel therapy for HCV infection and the increasing number of HCV infected donor kidneys due to the unfortunate opioid epidemic has provided new opportunities for kidney recipients. More than 500 high-quality HCV positive donor kidneys are discarded every year. The recent trials of HCV positive donor kidney transplants to HCV negative recipients followed by successful HCV treatment are very motivating. The studies have illustrated that the quality of HCV positive donor kidneys are very similar or even better than HCV negative donor kidneys. HCV positive donor kidney transplants will shorten wait-time for kidney transplant recipients and save lives.

Keywords: HCV infected kidney transplant, HCV positive kidney transplant, Underutilized HCV positive donor kidneys.

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Amarpreet S Sandhu. Hepatitis C positive donor kidney transplants to decrease wait time for kidney recipients: Review of data and recent trials. Global Journal of Urology and Nephrology, 2020, 3:20. DOI: 10.28933/gjun-2020-02-1405


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