An Overview of History and Theory of Anthropology

Kebede Lemu Bekelcha

Department of Social Anthropology, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, Bule Hora University

International Journal of Pain Research and Treatment

This paper entitled “History and Theory of Anthropology” deals with the historical background of anthropology from the very beginning up to its establishment as academic discipline. For this paper, I have reviewed some literatures related with history and theory of anthropology. Hence, anthropology’s history from ancient Greek historical and philosophical writings to 21st century and anthropological theories are chronologically included in this paper. Generally, the contribution of different scholars, event (like enlightenment) and colonialism in the emergence of anthropology are encompassed in this paper.

Keywords: History, Theory, Anthropology

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Kebede Lemu Bekelcha. An Overview of History and Theory of Anthropology. International Journal of Archaeological Research, 2019,1:1


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