Privilege of Gum Arabic inclusion in semen extender compared with egg yolk on the Herri ram’s subsequent fertility outcomes

Privilege of Gum Arabic inclusion in semen extender compared with egg yolk on the Herri ram’s subsequent fertility outcomes

Mohamed Ali1 and Moustafa M. Zeitoun1,2*

1Department of Animal Production and Breeding, Qassim University, College of
2Department of Animal and Fish Production, College of Agriculture, Alexandria University, Egypt.

International Journal of Animal ResearchThis experiment was designed to scrutinize effects of inclusion of Gum Arabic versus egg yolk in either fresh or frozen extender for Herri ram’ semen on subsequent pregnancy rate. Semen ejaculates were collected from two rams. Two trials were attempted. Trial I, semen ejaculates were diluted with freshly prepared extenders either contained 10% EY (Control) or 6% GA (GA). Ewes were randomly selected and subdivided into 2 groups and inseminated. Trial II, extenders were frozen (-20°C) for 30 days before using, thawed and semen ejaculates from same rams were diluted and used in inseminations. Ewes were subdivided into 2 groups and inseminated with semen diluted in either control or GA6 extender. Results revealed that using fresh extender surpassed frozen one in achieving better pregnancy of the artificial insemination. Pregnancy rate derived of inseminations prepared by GA6 extender was significantly higher (P<0.0) than control extender. Therefore, using 6% of Gum Arabic in fresh extender can ultimately improve the fertility rate in Herri sheep.

Keywords: Gum Arabic inclusion, Semen extender, Egg yolk, Herri ram’s subsequent fertility outcomes

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Mohamed Ali and Moustafa M. Zeitoun. Gum Arabic inclusion, Semen extender, Egg yolk, Herri ram’s subsequent fertility outcomes. International Journal of Animal Research, 2017; 1:15. DOI: 10.28933/ijar-2017-10-2401


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