The Investigation of the Infectious Agalactiae Infection in Sheep and Goat Milk Samples

The Investigation of the Infectious Agalactiae Infection in Sheep and Goat Milk Samples

Ayşe KILIÇ1, Nurgül BİRBEN2, Fatma TÜRKARSLAN AKBABA3, Muhammed Fatih TURSUN2, Osman KOÇ2, Aslıhan ARSLAN2

1 Sivrice Vocational High School, University of Firat, Elazig-Turkey;
2 Department of Microbiology, Veterinary Control Institute, Elazig- Turkey;
3 Konya Veterinary Control Institute, Konya-Turkey

International Journal of Animal ResearchMany infections are known to be responsible for ruminants of Mycoplasma, especially in Europe and North America all over the world, mainly in cattle, goats and sheep cultivation causes great economic losses. Stress, immune system failure, incorrect antibiotic treatment, animal transport, breeding, artificial insemination with sperm infected with mycoplasmosis in the increase of cases of importance.
In this study, Elazig and Malatya lots of sheep and goats belonging to 300 milk collected from sample Agalaksi Contagious (Contagious agalactia) disease molecular methods to detect the presence of (specific PCR). Molecular diagnosis of 300 in the case of milk as a result of specific PCR rate of 45% found positive for Mycoplasma sp. 135 the Mycoplasma sp. positive milk sample was found Mycoplasma agalactiae at 99.

Keywords: Sheep, Goat, Mycoplasma, Milk, PCR

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Ayşe KILIÇ, Nurgül BİRBEN, Fatma TÜRKARSLAN AKBABA, Muhammed Fatih TURSUN, Osman KOÇ, Aslıhan ARSLAN. The Investigation of the Infectious Agalactiae Infection in Sheep and Goat Milk Samples. International Journal of Animal Research, 2018; 2:19. DOI:10.28933/ijar-2018-03-1801


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