Effects of Different Environmental Factors and Hydrological Conditions on Fish Reproduction

Effects of Different Environmental Factors and Hydrological Conditions on Fish Reproduction

Baogang Song1*, Xinxin Li1, Hongcheng Jiu1, Chengming Yang1

1College of Hydraulic & Environmental Engineering, China Three Gorges University, Yichang, 443002, China.

International Journal of Food and Nutrition Research

Reproduction is an important life activity of fish. At the current stage, due to changes in the environment and the impact of human activities, the reproduction of fish has been greatly affected. If its reproduction performance is severely damaged, it means that it will Unable to reproduce, its number will continue to decrease, or even die. Therefore, the study of fish reproduction is not only conducive to protecting species diversity, maintaining the stability of fish populations, but also maintaining the balance of the aquatic ecosystem. This article focuses on the effects of environmental factors such as light, environmental hormones in water, and hydrological conditions such as flow rate and temperature on fish reproduction.

Keywords: Fish reproduction; Environmental hormones; Release of cold water

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Baogang Song, Xinxin Li, Hongcheng Jiu, Chengming Yang. Effects of Different Environmental Factors and Hydrological Conditions on Fish Reproduction. International Journal of Animal Research, 2020; 5:39. DOI:10.28933/ijar-2020-04-1005


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