Humanized Care to the Elderly with alzheimer: Nanda Nursing Diagnosis

Humanized Care to the Elderly with alzheimer: Nanda Nursing Diagnosis

Coelho, A.S.F¹, Maior, R.S.L.S1, Silva, A.C.F.A2

¹Discentes do Curso de Enfermagem no Centro Universitario Guararapes (Unifg) ²Mestra em Ciências da Saúde da FCM/UPE – Docente do Curso de Enfermagem no Centro Universitario Guararapes (Unifg)

Introduction: Alzheimer’s disease is characterized by multiple cognitive decline involving memory impairment and progressive loss of functional capacity, where the client needs multidisciplinary care. Objective: to evaluate the actions of caring for the elderly with Alzheimer’s disease from the perspective of the nurse. Methodology: Integrative review, where 7 articles published in the last five years that composed the study sample were identified from the Lilacs, SciELO, PubMed, Medline and Bdenf databases. Results and Discussions: The main nursing diagnoses found by Nanda patients experienced by Alzheimer patients were: chronic confusion, risk of injury, impaired communication, activity intolerance, self – care deficit, impaired social interaction and interrupted family processes. However, in one of the studies on nursing diagnoses, it was possible to identify improvement of the cognition of the patient with (DA) through the application of the Mini Mental State Examination (MMSE), which is a cognitive evaluation scale that exercises immediate memory, incidental and late. In other studies, poor knowledge was observed, assisting the recognition of learning figures and early identification of depression, aiding in the pattern of impaired sleep, the risk of loneliness and chronic sadness. The nurse, through his theoretical and technical resources, should provide means to facilitate care, among them, establish communication strategies between him and the patient, in order to delay the evolution of the disease. Conclusion: Study showed the importance of implementing the nursing process for this focus, which allows comprehensive care to the Alzheimer’s patient

Keywords: Elderly, Nursing, Alzheimer’s Disease.

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Coelho, A.S.F, Maior, R.S.L.S, Silva, A.C.F.A. Humanized Care to the Elderly with alzheimer: Nanda Nursing Diagnosis.International Journal of Communications and Networks, 2018, 1:3. DOI: 10.28933/ijcn-2018-05-2803

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