Stammering –Ayurvedic management with Sookshma aushadhi chikitsa

Stammering –Ayurvedic Management with Sookshma Aushadhi Chikitsa –A Case Report

Vd.Shivani Sanjeev Gavande. M.D.(Ayu)
Associate Professor in Kayachikitsa
Dr .J.J .Magdum Ayurved Medical College, Jaysingpur.

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A patient suffering from stammering since childhood was treated with Tota Vati for six months ,got resque from his suffering and now is acting confidently in play. He can speak fluently now. In Ayurved ,sookshma aushadhi chikitsa is the most popular system of management where we can get better result with processed microfined particals of the same medicine even at very low dose .Ayurved says ,when the medicine is reprocessed with the decoction of same ingredients repeatedly, we get better efficacy with very small quantity of medicine. Tota vati is such type of processed medicine which was prepared by Vaidya .Narhar Bhole Prabhu.These tablets are much more useful in stammering.

Keywords:  Stammering, Sookshma Aushadha, Ayurved, Herbal medicine, Tota vati

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Vd.Shivani Sanjeev Gavande. Stammering –Ayurvedic management with Sookshma aushadhi chikitsa –A case Report . International Journal of Case Reports, 2017 1:1. DOI: 10.28933/ijcr-2017-0101


1. Charak Samhita. Chakrapaani commentary.
2. Sooksma Chikitsa –Vaidya Narhar Bhole Prabhu.
3. Bhaishajya kalpana Vidnyaan.

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