Comparative Evaluation of healing following gingival depigmentation procedures using four Techniques: a report of 5 cases

Comparative Evaluation of Healing following Gingival Depigmentation Procedures using Four Techniques: a report of 5 cases

1Dr Shreya Shetty, Bds, Mds (Periodontics), Ficoi*, 2 Dr Aruna Vanka, Bds, Mds( Periodontics).

1Associate Professor, Dentistry Program, IBN SINA National College of Medical Sciences, Jeddah, KSA; 2Consultant Periodontist, FMS Hospital, Hyderabad, India.

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Background:The outcomes of techniques employed for depigmentation are varied and no one method can be deemed as ideal. The present case series is an evaluation of 4 popular depigmentation procedures `carried out today.
Material and methods: 5 patients with non-syndrome associated gingival hyperpigmentation in all 4 quadrants based on Dummetts scoring criteria were included. Healing and pain were assessed following depigmentation carried out by scalpel, bur, electro surgery and laser in the 4 quadrants respectively and followed up for a period of 2 years.
Results: Healing following Scalpel method and laser were better than bur and electro surgery. Post-operative pain was less with the use of scalpel and laser when compared to the other 2 techniques at the end of 1month. Pain was still evident at the site of electro surgery at the end of 2 months. However at the end of 3, 6 months and 1 and 2 years there was no difference in all 4 techniques.
Conclusion: Better treatment outcomes were observed with the scalpel and laser techniques than bur and electrosurgery.


SOURCE OF FUNDING: The study has not been funded by any party or organisation as such, and any expenses incurred for the same were minimal and borne by the authors.

Keywords: Comparative Evaluation, Healing, Gingival Depigmentation Procedures, Four Techniques

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Shreya Shetty and Aruna Vanka.Comparative Evaluation of healing following gingival depigmentation procedures using four Techniques: a report of 5 cases. International Journal of Case Reports, 2018 2:24. DOI: 10.28933/ijcr-2018-05-2801.

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