Idiopathic Sigmoid Intussusception Prolapse per Anus

Idiopathic Sigmoid Intussusception Prolapse per Anus

Loay M. AlJaberi,MD1, Alaa Eddin K. Salameh,MD2, Rafiq M. Salhab,MD3,Hazem A. Ashhab,MD4

1,2 Al-Quds University School of Medicine, East Jerusalem, P.O. box 89
3 Surgery Department, Al-Ahli Hospital, Hebron, Palestinian Territories
4 Gastroenterology Department, Charleston Area Medical Center, West Virginia, USA

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Sigmoidal intussusception protrusion through the anus is extremely rare and has only been reported a few times. The majority of cases of prolapsed sigmoid intussusception in adults have an underlying bowel pathology such as carcinoma, polyps, or benign neoplasms, which are usually discovered intra-operatively. Our case is a 25-year old male patient, previously healthy, with no history of constipation or straining, who presented with a painless prolapsed mass out of the anus. It is very unusual for a young healthy male to present suddenly with such a complaint. After failed attempts to reduce the prolapsed segment under general anesthesia, laparotomy was performed and the prolapsed mass was determined to be an intussuscepted sigmoid. Hartmann procedure was performed. 9 cm of the sigmoid was resected. Findings were consistent with a healthy but edematous prolapsed sigmoid colon.

Keywords: Idiopathic Sigmoid prolapse, Sigmoid Procidentia, Colonic Prolapse

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Loay M. AlJaberi,Alaa K. Salameh, Rafiq M. Salhab,Hazem A. Ashhab. Idiopathic Sigmoid Intussusception Prolapse per Anus . International Journal of Case Reports, 2018 2:23. DOI: 10.28933/ijcr-2018-06-0501.

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