Cardiovascular Disease Associated with the Chronic Use of Ergotamine: A Case Report

Cardiovascular Disease Associated with the Chronic Use of Ergotamine: A Case Report

Vesga C 1* Sotomayor JA2 , Giraldo-González GC3

1Department of Cardiology, Fundación Valle del Lili, Cra 98 #18-49, Cali, Colombia. Universidad Icesi, Health Sciences Faculty, Calle 18 No. 122-135, Cali, Colombia.
2Internal Medicine Resident, Universidad Icesi, Health Sciences Faculty, Calle 18 No. 122-135, Cali, Colombia.
3Cardiology fellow, Universidad Icesi, Health Sciences Faculty, Calle 18 No. 122-135, Cali, Colombia.

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Ergotamine and its derivatives were used for multiple diseases; in the nineties, its use in association with caffeine was considered a standard treatment for migraines, although it has been in decline, due to the evidenced toxic effects related to its chronic use including vascular, cardiovascular and central nervous system manifestations. In this article is reported a case of a 59-year-old female with chronic use of caffeine plus ergotamine for more than 20 years; afterwards she develops peripheral artery disease, severe mitral and tricuspid valve regurgitation with requirement of valve replacement. In the absence of past cardiovascular history and rheumatic fever, its clinical evolution and pathology results are associated with ergotism.

Conflicts of interests: The authors have no conflicts of interests to declare.

Acknowledgement: to the Clinical Research Center of Fundación Valle del Lili for their support.

Keywords: Ergotamine, caffeine, ergotamine drug combination, valvular disease, cardiovascular disease.

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Vesga C, Sotomayor JA, Giraldo-González GC. Cardiovascular Disease Associated with the Chronic Use of Ergotamine: a Case Report. International Journal of Case Reports, 2018 3:45. DOI:10.28933/ijcr-2018-10-2208


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