Probable Transient Anterior Bulging Fontanelle after Measles Vaccination

Probable Transient Anterior Bulging Fontanelle after Measles Vaccination: A Case in Arba Minch General Hospital, Southwestern Ethiopia

Silabat Aschalew1, Sisay Legesse2, Abate Waldetensai3

1South Omo Zonal Health Department, Southwestern Ethiopia
2Arba Minch University Department of Public Health, Southwestern Ethiopia
3Ethiopian Public health institute, Addis Ababa, Central Ethiopia

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Transient anterior bulging fontanelle is a rare but serious medical condition, which can be classified as definite and probable transient bulging fontanelle. Conducting case surveillance, diagnosis and on time reporting during vaccination is of paramount importance in managing the adverse events following immunization. We diagnosed probable transient bulging fontanelle in a 9 month infant weighing 7.8Kg with ultrasound in Arba Minch General Hospital after 12 hours of measles vaccination. A physical examination was conducted to confirm probable transient bulging fontanel. Treated with her mother’s breast milk at her home and visiting was done after three and five days. We used a measles vaccine adverse effect case report, to find potential transient bulging fontanelle (TBF) and to describe the characteristics of probable cases of TBF on admitted infant to Arba Minch General Hospital. The Infant was alert; a febrile to touch whose temperature measured at the left auxiliarysitewas37.8oc with non-tender, bulging and tense swelling that includes non-pulsatile anterior fontanelle size of 3cm.The infant was found with no fever, vomiting, bleeding and no problem of feeding and respiratory difficulties except a history of fallen down accident from bed on her head 15 days back of the swelling. The swelling was decreased gradually and the fontanel started pulsation and the swelling returned back to the normal after the three and five day of visits without any medication. Despite this rare side effect, vaccination against the preventable disease, measles need to be sustained since transient bulging fontanelle is a self-limited case and immunization balances the impact of adverse events following immunization. Adequate case surveillance, diagnosis and reporting are very essential up to the management.

Keywords: Anterior fontanelle; Bulging; Immunization; Infant; Measles

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Silabat Aschalew, Sisay Legesse, Abate Waldetensai. Probable Transient Anterior Bulging Fontanelle after Measles Vaccination: A Case in Arba Minch General Hospital, Southwestern Ethiopia. International Journal of Case Reports, 2019 9:93.


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