The intriguing post –caesarean sinus : A case report

The intriguing post –caesarean sinus : A case report

Ranjit Kumar Sahu, Deepti Katrolia


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The post caesarean fistula and sinus can take place due to tuberculosis , Crohn’s disease , deep pelvic infections or non absorbable sutures and even gauzes.
A thirty year old woman ( P1 ,L1 ) who presented with multiple discharging sinuses at left lower abdomen since five months . She underwent lower segment caesarean section 10 months ago.
On local examination , there were three linear scars two cm below the previous horizontal scar . The Ultrasound of local site revealed irregular loculated collections of size 3 × 2 cm in subcutaneous plane. We excised the sinus tracts ,but after two month came with reccurence . We did re- exploration and the sinus tract of size 9 cm was excised.
Sinuses reccur even without retained foreign body or chronic disease. The management does not differ with the size of sinus.

Keywords: intriguing post –caesarean sinus, case report

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Ranjit Kumar Sahu, Deepti Katrolia. The intriguing post –caesarean sinus : A case report. International Journal of Case Reports, 2019 4:98. DOI: 10.28933/ijcr-2019-10-1506


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