Large Posterior Vaginal Wall Inclusion Cyst after Posterior Vaginal Wall Repair

Large Posterior Vaginal Wall Inclusion Cyst after Posterior Vaginal Wall Repair

Jawaher Alsahabi.MD1 and Elham Bamanie.MD2

1Urogynecology and Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery Fellow, National Guard Hospital, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  Riyadh; 2Urogynecology Anddpelvic Reconstructive Surgery Consultant, National Guard Hospital, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  Riyadh

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Introduction: Large posterior vaginal wall inclusion cysts are rarely reported. According to our review, this case is the largest such cyst reported after posterior vaginal repair.

Aim: We present the successful excision of a very large posterior vaginal wall inclusion cyst that developed after posterior vaginal wall repair.

Methods: A 44 year old patient presented with a 7 cm symptomatic posterior vaginal wall cyst 5 years after posterior vaginal wall repair. She underwent aspiration of the cyst twice with recurrence before successful surgical excision.

Results: The patient recovered without complications. Histopathology revealed a benign inclusion cyst.

Conclusions: Although most epidermal inclusion cysts are asymptomatic and can be managed expectantly, cysts that enlarge or become symptomatic should be excised surgically.

Keywords: Cyst fluid, epidermal inclusion cyst, epithelial cyst, posterior vaginal wall repair, vaginal surgery

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Jawaher Alsahabi and Elham Bamanie. Large Posterior Vaginal Wall Inclusion Cyst after Posterior Vaginal Wall Repair. International Journal of Case Reports, 2020 4:107. DOI: 10.28933/ijcr-2019-11-3005


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