Retained Penile Ring: Case Reports

Retained Penile Ring: Case Reports

Odusanya Benjamin Olasunkanmi1, Omisanjo Olufunmilade Akinfolarin2, Salami Olayinka Abdurraheem3, Saliu Abdulwaid Niran4

1Consultant urologist, Department of Surgery, General Hospital, Marina, Lagos; 2Consultant urologist, Department of Surgery, College of Medicine, Lagos State University Teaching Hospital; 3Consultant Orthopaedic surgeon, Department of Orthopaedics, General Hospital, Marina, Lagos; 4Consultant urologist, Department of Surgery, General Hospital, Marina, Lagos.

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Background: Penile constriction rings have been used to prolong erection with vacuum devices in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Some have also employed it for recreational purposes with the attendant risks of penile edema, strangulation and necrosis. We present two cases of entrapped phallus by penile rings.

Case reports: 16 years old with pain and swelling of the phallus of 12 hours duration. This started after placement of a phallic ring to purportedly prolong erection which he was later unable to remove the ring despite several attempts and developed progressive swelling and pain in the phallus. He was also unable to pass urine. Examination revealed a circumcised phallus that was detumescent but grossly edematous, tender with shiny skin. Initial simple manoeuvres in the casualty proved abortive and ring had to be cut with an orthopaedic instrument. He was subsequently able to void without difficulty or any haematuria. 47 year old Asian male with a 12 hour history of penile pain and swelling following entrapment of a penile ring he had inserted for sexual gratification about 24 hours before presentation. There was a history of haematuria. The removal of the penile ring was achieved with a combination of cold compress squeeze, corporal aspiration and lubrication under general anaesthesia.

Conclusion: Successful management of retained penile ring depends on early presentation by the patient to avoid adverse outcomes. It may require instruments not normally found in the urologist armamentarium.

Keywords: penile ring, penile constriction devices, penile incarceration, penile foreign bodies

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Odusanya Benjamin Olasunkanmi, Omisanjo Olufunmilade Akinfolarin, Salami Olayinka Abdurraheem, Saliu Abdulwaid Niran. Retained Penile Ring: Case Reports. International Journal of Case Reports, 2020 4:116. DOI: 10.28933/ijcr-2020-01-1905


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