Logical Beauty Harmony and Natural Shape zones (NSz)

Logical Beauty Harmony and Natural Shape zones (NSz)

Noviello S, Gritzalas K, Maroni A, Tocchio M, Cogliandro G, Di Benedetto N

Sergio Noviello Academy, Milano Estetica – Cosmetic Surgery Center – Milan – Italy

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The concept of beauty in the world is certainly influenced by ethnicity and cultural factors, but generally harmony, balance and simmetry are common characteristics positively considered by every population.
Logical Beauty Harmony is an innovative System for using filler and botulinum toxin in aesthetic medicine based on Natural Shape zones (NS zones). These compartment consist of strategic sequential injection areas that allow creating, improving or restoring adequate volumes, guaranteeing natural results and expressiveness.
Starting from the recent acquisitions of Functional Anatomy, Physiology of Aging, Product Rheology and considering the objective analysis of the characteristics of harmony of each individual we have developed an approach that uses injectables in a targeted way using Support and Lifting vectors at the level of Upper, Middle and Lower Third of the face, injecting first deep and then passing to the surface.
The face is divided into vertical and horizontal proportions. These simply but fundamental principle of facial proportion, modified by recent anthropometric studies, have found their way into the teaching and practice of cosmetic facial medicine and surgery.
The series of data that can be detected by applying the previous parameters offers the chance of identify the variants that the face can present, so as to make eventually those changes that lead closer to the ideal model. In planning the treatment, the study of the different parameters, proportions, lines, ideal movements and angles linked to the comparison of the measurements of the different parts of the face will be more useful in determining type and extent of the corrections to be made.
9 treatment protocols for the face have been precisely established.

Keywords: Logical Beauty Harmony, Natural Shape zones

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Noviello S, Gritzalas K, Maroni A, Tocchio M, Cogliandro G, Di Benedetto N. Logical Beauty Harmony and Natural Shape zones (NSz). International Journal of Case Reports, 2020 4:150. DOI: 10.28933/ijcr-2020-07-2305


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