Priapism as A Warning Sign for Chronic Myeloid Leukemia

Priapism as A Warning Sign for Chronic Myeloid Leukemia

Boudreaux, J, BS, BA1, Haller, CN, MD2, Maslov, D, MD, MS1,2, Bateman, L, MD2

1University of Queensland/Ochsner Clinical School, New Orleans, LA. 2Ochsner Clinic Foundation, Department of Internal Medicine, New Orleans, LA.

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CML is a chronic myeloproliferative disorder associated with activating mutations in tyrosine kinases forming a BCR-ABL fusion gene, causing hyperproliferation of neoplastic myeloid progenitors [1,2]. The incidence of CML peaks in the fourth and fifth decades of life [3]. In the United States, nearly 4,500 cases are diagnosed annually [3]. The onset of the disease is insidious due to the nonspecific initial “B symptoms,” such as increased fatigability, weight loss and weakness. The natural history of CML is slow with a median survival of three years if untreated [3,4]. The current treatment is targeted therapies to the BCR-ABL tyrosine kinase using imatinib or nilotinib and hydroxyurea. Although B symptoms are common, priapism can be an initial presentation of CML in 1-5% of cases [5]. Priapism is a urological emergency defined by a sustained erection of four or more hours. Hyperviscous blood in leukemias, such as CML, prevents appropriate venous drainage of the corpora cavernosa, resulting in failure of detumescence [4]. This case reports highlights priapism as a presenting sign of CML and reviews the pathophysiology between the association.

Keywords: Chronic myeloid leukemia; Priapism

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Boudreaux, J, Haller, CN, Maslov, D, Bateman, L. Priapism as A Warning Sign for Chronic Myeloid Leukemia. International Journal of Case Reports, 2020; 4:158. DOI: 10.28933/ijcr-2020-08-2505


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