A rare case of Hepatic Sinusoidal obstruction syndrome due to a drug use

A rare case of Hepatic Sinusoidal obstruction syndrome due to a drug use

Melike Ruşen Metin1,  Hasan Aydın2

1Specialist, TC.SB. Ankara Bilkent City hospital Radiology Department, ANKARA-TURKEY Tlf: 0090-312-5526000.
2Associate Professor, University of Health Sciences, TC.SB. Ankara Oncology Research hospital Radiology Department, ANKARA-TURKEY.

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Here, we report a case of hepatic sinusoidal obstruction syndrome(HSOS) of a 30 years old female patient with Ulcerative colitis(UC) who was being treated by mesalazine.
The patient was admitted to the emergency unit by harsh and cramping abdominal pain, she had increased AST-ALT-Bilirubine and GGT levels in the blood laboratory analysis. In the Portal venous Doppler US; Splenomegaly and coarse granular appearance in liver parenchymal echogenecity were observed. In the abdominal CT, Splenomegaly was confirmed.
In the Dynamic Abdominal MRI, pathognomonic liver finding which was the patchy contrast-enhancing reticular appearance, was visualized and the exact diagnosis was handled by true-cut biopsy.
The aid of Dynamic Abdominal MRI to the early diagnosis of HSOS was also demonstrated in this case.

Keywords: Hepatic; Veno-occlusive; Diseases; MRI; Mesalazine

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Melike Ruşen Metin, Hasan Aydın. A rare case of Hepatic Sinusoidal obstruction syndrome due to a drug use. International Journal of Case Reports, 2020; 4:164. DOI: 10.28933/ijcr-2020-08-2906


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