Male Sexual Assault – A Case Report of Foreign Body in the Rectum from Sexual Assault by Female Partner

Male Sexual Assault – A Case Report of Foreign Body in the Rectum from Sexual Assault by Female Partner

A. Monday Yilkudi.1, Nathaniel Adewole.2, Kenneth Onyejekwe.1, Pius Ogelekwu1, Stephen Edino1

1Department of Surgery, University of Abuja Teaching Hospital, Abuja-FCT, Nigeria
2Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology University of Abuja Teaching Hospital, Abuja-FCT, Nigeria

Most rectal foreign bodies (FB) are a result of insertion for sexual gratification. FB in the rectum as. result of sexual assault in males by the female partner is rare. A 32-year-ol man presented with a 6-day history of deep anal pain and lower abdominal pain, following an assault by a female partner while he was drunk. Physical examination and plain radiography confirmed a FB in the rectum. The FB was removed at exploratory laparotomy following failed attempt at trans rectal removal under spinal anaesthesia. The FB was confirmed to be a perfume canister. The patient has remained well at two months of follow up.

Male sexual assault by female is not uncommon and can lead to disastrous effects. The female sexual assault on male is underreported and reported usually when there are complications. There is need to do more in-depth study to investigate the incidence of this.

Keywords: Case report, Male, Sexual assault, foreign body, rectum

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A. Monday Yilkudi, Nathaniel Adewole, Kenneth Onyejekwe, Pius Ogelekwu, Stephen Edino. Male Sexual Assault – A Case Report of Foreign Body in the Rectum from Sexual Assault by Female Partner. International Journal of Case Reports, 2020 4:186. DOI: 10.28933/ijcr-2020-11-2306


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