Posterolateral uterine rupture in scarred uterus complicated by external iliac vein injury

Posterolateral uterine rupture in scarred uterus complicated by external iliac vein injury

Youssef M Zohdy1, Ziad M Ahmed2

1Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University, Egypt; 2Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University, Egypt

Uterine wall rupture is a rare yet catastrophic complication of pregnancy with a high mortality rate of both the mother and the fetus. The condition could be classified according to etiology into primary unscarred uterus, and secondary scarred uterus or according to the site of rupture. Our case presented with scarred uterine rupture through a posterolateral injury. The patient had history of 3 previous CS and a D&C procedure. The rupture was complicated by EIV injury. Uterine rupture does not always present with profound manifestations of shock especially in posterior wall rupture and timely management ensures the best possible outcome. Finally, meticulous examination of the anatomically related structures and vessels, and the repair of any associated injuries, is essential.

Keywords: D&C, EIV injury, Uterine rupture

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Youssef M Zohdy, Ziad M Ahmed. Posterolateral uterine rupture in scarred uterus complicated by external iliac vein injury. International Journal of Case Reports, 2021, 5:238. DOI: 10.28933/ijcr-2021-08-0505


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