New Technologies for Ultrasonic Food Preservation

New Technologies for Ultrasonic Food Preservation

Ingrid Natally dos Santos Nascimento1*; Angélica Stephanie Inácio de Souza2;, Thais Maria Nascimento3;, Janusa Iesa de Lucena Alves Vasconcelos4

1Universidade Salgado de Oliveira; Recife, Pernambuco; 2Universidade Salgado de Oliveira, Recife, Pernambuco; 3Universidade Salgado de Oliveira, Recife, Pernambuco; 4Universidade Salgado de Oliveira, Recife, Pernambuco.

Objective: To review the literature on new techniques of food conservation, focusing on the use of ultrasound.

Material and methods: Bibliographic survey through digital platforms such as Scielo and Pubmed between 2018-2019.

Results: Ultrasound is an innovative technology with great possibilities of use on an industrial scale. The main techniques used are: 1. cooking: uniform heat transfer, increasing the quality in characteristics such as taste, color and texture, preserving properties such as essential proteins being more effective than the frying pan; 2. cutting, widely used – cavitation will generate less losses and give precise cuts than the razor ; 3. The freezing/crystallization – the temperature decreases quickly having less ice crystals and reducing the time it would take if it was a freezing process; and finally 4, the emulsification, using less energy and less separation, giving more stability than the mechanical process. The ultrasound presents its alterations in meat foods as an improvement in texture and benefits in the extraction of proteins.

Conclusion: Thus, the Ultrasonic Technology has great potential in the conservation of food, by keeping them stable with its characteristics. Its applicability is still being studied for better adaptation in the industrial scale. The nutritionist should be aware of these new techniques to help in the formulation of products with better nutritional value and food safety.

Keywords: Microorganism Control Agents. Nutrients. Food technology.

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Ingrid Natally dos Santos Nascimento; Angélica Stephanie Inácio de Souza; Thais Maria Nascimento; Janusa Iesa de Lucena Alves Vasconcelos. New Technologies for Ultrasonic Food Preservation . International Journal of Food and Nutrition Research, 2021; 5:41. DOI:10.28933/ijfnr-2021-07-2005

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