A project work on role of clinical pharmacist in a haemovigilance unit of a tertiary care hospital

A project work on role of clinical pharmacist in a haemovigilance unit of a tertiary care hospital

Rachel Pinto, Arun karki, Binai K Sankar and Deepti S.P
Reddy college of pharmacy

 International Journal of Hospital Pharmacy

Blood is a very important component of the human body. Blood constituents of about 7% of the total bodies’ weight. An average Adult body that is having a weight of 150-180 pounds will have approximately 4.7-5.5 liters of blood.
Blood is a fluid connective tissue that circulate continuously around the body, allowing the constant communication between tissues that are far away from each other. It transports:
•Oxygen from the lung to the tissues, and carbon dioxide from the tissues to the lungs or excretion.
•Nutrients from the alimentary tract to the tissues, and cell wash-es to the excretory organ, principally the kidney.
•Hormones secreted by endocrine glands to their target organs and tissues.
•Protective substance like Antibodies like to the site of infection •Clotting factor that coagulates blood, minimizing bleeding from ruptured blood vessel.
Blood Is composed of a clear, straw-colored, watery fluid called plasma in which there are several types of blood cell are sus-pended.
Blood plays a very important role in transport of nutrition and re-spiratory gases, act as a vehicle to transport hormones and en-zymes from their place or origin to the place where it is required, drain waste products, maintaining hemostasis, regulation of body temperature and, most importantly, act as a defense mechanism for the body.

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Rachel Pinto, Arun karki, Binai K Sankar and Deepti S.P, A project work on role of clinical pharmacist in a haemovigilance unit of a tertia-ry care hospital. International Jour-nal of Hospital Pharmacy, 2018,3:10.


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